Back in my day, as the oldsters say, we used to have these things called “blogs.” Blogs were places for short, casual commentary, a few paragraphs here and there, where you could drop a note on the news of the day. The launch of Twitter in 2006 obliterated the old blogosphere; Twitter made it easy to post snippets of thoughts, and to interact with other people on the internet.

But, as we all know, the conversation on Twitter is literally and figuratively truncated. Difficult problems—like unaffordable health care, rising student debt, and intergenerational poverty—can’t be solved in 140 characters. On the other hand, not everything can be long-form journalism. Most people don’t have the time to read—or write—lengthy white papers.

So we’re bringing back the blog! Please bookmark this page, and come back often. Or, subscribe to OPPBlog to receive every new article directly in your inbox. Our hope is that OPPBlog becomes a place where the FREOPP team can bring more insights to you about our work, and the work of others.